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Healing the deformities of this part of the body is crucial in terms of psychology  and aesthetics.Rinoplasty surgent is important in respect of both aesthetics and fonctionality.By removing the deformity around the region of nose , our target is to make patient breath healtly and satify his/her aesthetic needs.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequent aesthetict operation.The aim of this operation is to eliminate the deformities inborn or after born.
Primary target is to eliminate nasal obstractions and breathing problems ,after then the operation focuses on removing the deformities that makes person unhappy.Nose is reshaped with this operation.Patients nose is examined by surgeon if it is suitable or not for the operation before all the process.After the operation,evaluation of the result takes between 6 - 12 months.Rhinoplasty can be apllied on both men and women over 18 years.

Process Before Operation

-If patient has flu or flu-like disease, the operation takes place after recuperation.
-Former nasal or other operations and present disorders can be obstructive    against having surgery and taking anaesthesia.
You should discuss and consult if you have any of these disorders with your doctor before the process.

-If you have present disorder,medications should be bring concerning the disorder.
-Before operation,blood thinners intake should be given up 7 - 10 days in advance.
-Menstrual period  is not obstacle for the operation.
-Smoking (before/after) is not suggested as it has negative effects on both anaesthesia and recorvery period.

How to do Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery is an operation which is done under general anaesthesia.Operation,in general,takes 2-3 hours.There are 2 surgery options used frequently with this operation,open and closed rhinoplasty.Open rhinoplasty technique ,nostrils are gently cut and nasal tip is made to see.
In general,open rhinoplasty technique is used  for patient  that has an operation or advanced nasal tip deformity.Wide anglepoint is the key advantage of open rhinoplasty.But recovery process lasts a little bit longer and patient may encounter with swellings  and bruises after operation.
In second technique which is called closed rhinoplasty , the cut is made to remain within nostrils.Surgeon's sight is less,recovery period is shorter beside there will not suture trails left on the nose,less bruises and swellings with this technique.
In general ,closed rhinoplasty is chosen for minor nose deformities.
After all analysis are made inside and outside of the nose,your surgeon decides if it is going to be a closed or an open rhinoplasty.

Process After Surgery

One of the most frequent question is wheter there will be pain or not after surgery.There will could  be a little bit pain.Patients uses painkillers to cut the pain.After the surgery,standing up is not suggested for a couple of hours.During and after the surgery ,some  blood leak drip from nose and postnasal  is normal for a few hours.Liqued foods can be eaten after some hours of the surgery.Around nose and below eyes,there could be some swellings and purplenesses and it is normal ,they will disappear.
To prevent bleeding,pillows should be kept above,person shouldn't lean forward too much and draw water into nose or blow his/her note.There could be nasal obstruction.

Rhinoplasty  recovery Duration

There are a number of factors that effects recovery period.Firstly,it depends on operation's expanse.In general ,patients are kept a night under observation and next day  they are discharged.Nose pads are placed after surgery.There pads are removed after 1 or 2 days of the surgery.In open surgery ,soluble or unsoluble sutures are used at nasal tip.Your surgeon takes them  if he used unsoluble sutures after 1 week of the surgery.One week after surgery,plaster mold is also removed that placed at nose back Patients can turn back to their everydaylife after 7- 10 days of the surgery if there isn't any complication.Purplesneses and swellings disappears in 7-10 days.

After one month,oedema around nose largely disappears.The process differs from patient to patient.Last desired form of nose and nasal structure with full recovery, may reach up to 6 - 12 months after surgery.From activies with ball such as football,baskeball or volleyball are suggested to keep away for patient's own good.
Patient should  consider the warning importantly   as it could bring serious risk to the nose as a result of these kind of damages.

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